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Eating in Naples 😋

Naples, Italy

Collection of 9 places
Totò’s bakery and its “snowflake” Pasticceria Poppella
Pastry Shop

The famous Poppella bakery, located in the pulsating heart of Naples since 1920, maintains its reputation for culinary excellence. Every day Ciro “Poppella” Scognamillo, owner and pastry chef for three generations, and his staff produce a variety of delicious cakes for their customers. Their sweet temptations lure Neapolitans and tourists alike into their shop, including the inimitable “Fiocco di Neve di Poppella” (Poppella Snowflake): a small, soft bun filled with whipped cream, ricotta and custard with a sprinkling of icing sugar on top. The bakery has an interesting history: it appears that the Poppella bread shop, which was opened by Ciro’s grandmother and then became a bakery, was frequented by none other than Totò, “prince” De Curtis, who was born twenty or so years before in the next road along, via Santa Maria Antesecula, in the Sanità district.

Confectioner’s cathedral Pasticceria Giovanni Scaturchio
Pastry Shop

In the heart of Naples, at the crossroads between art and culture, where different styles and ages merge into a pattern unconfined by temporal or architectural borders, lies Scaturchio, the time-honored pasticceria. A continuum of tradition and modernity, situated in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, Scaturchio represents a real Mecca for food experts and tradition lovers alike, a true institution in the art of confectionery. A tradition of the city for over a century, from coffee to aperitifs, from sweet to savoury.

Labelled as the best bakery in Naples for sfogliatelle Sfogliatelle Attanasio
Pastry Shop

Being very close to the train station is one more reason not to miss trying these legendary sfogliatelle. The flavor and texture of the sfogliatelle are not the only reason people flock to Antico Forno Attanasio. The bakery is known for serving their sfogliatelle straight from the oven and it totally changes the experience!

Trendy social centre Caffè letterario Intra Moenia

During the day, Intra Moenia is a place where young people come to relax over a coffee and a good book. In the evening, it transforms into one of the most renowned meeting places in the historical center. Opened in 1989, it’s a special café that has had several generations of artists pass through its doors.

Art Deco setting, pastries, and cocktails Gran Caffè La Caffettiera

The Gran Caffe la Caffettiera has long attracted celebrities, politicians and well-off Neapolitans. With its early 20th-century style, the Gran Caffe is the ideal place to enjoy an espresso with pastries fresh from the oven each morning or an aperitif at sundown. Traditional coat racks, wood finishings, and warm lighting give this establishment a sophisticated aesthetic. In the evenings, sit at the bar with the locals to enjoy a delicious cocktail. Head to the terrace during summer evenings with a glass of champagne to watch the city come to life.

Beloved by locals Pizzeria Di Matteo

Located in the heart of the most vibrant area "Spacca Napoli". All of the locals in the city know this famous pizzeria with a long history. At lunchtime, many students gather around and eat standing. In the birthplace of pizza, it’s safe to assume Neapolitans know their stuff. If an army of people are queuing up outside Di Matteo during lunch time, there’s usually a good reason as to why! Do not miss out!

A pizza institution L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

As befits the birthplace of pizza, Naples is home to some famous pizzerias, among them the historic - and iconic - L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, founded by Salvatore Condurro in 1870 and still run by the Condurro family. The choice is simple – pizza Marinara with tomato, oregano and garlic or pizza Margherita, with tomato, basil and garlic, the pizza reputedly created in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy when she visited Naples in 1889.

The most famous literary café in Naples Gran Caffè Gambrinus

A meeting place for intellectuals, politicians and businessmen who have left in its halls fragments of their grandeur. The most popular coffee in Naples. It’s one of the most famous establishments of the peninsula, a member of the cultural historical places of Italy, a literary salon of Naples, a famous art gallery, a leader for the city’s culture. One of the most successful examples in Italy of European-inspired literary cafe, the temple of Neapolitan intellectual elite. Run by brothers Arturo and Antonio Sergio, Gambrinus is a Naples ‘must see’ for tourists as well as for famous people, politicians and writers, who choose a café for their meetings.

Considered Naples's best Neopolitan pizza maker Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

Surrounded by crumbling buildings where laundry hangs from balconies and men look out from windows while busy smoking cigarettes, Via dei Tribunali is a long road in one of Naples' historic working-class neighborhoods. Number 32 on this street is home to La Pizzeria Sorbillo, Naples's best and most famous pizza hub. Pizza-master Gino Sorbillo has garnered a long list of award. When he's not flipping pies, Sorbillo is traveling around the world making appearances on cooking shows, explaining his ethos on perfecting Neapolitan pizza. In 2013, his restaurant received the award for best pizza restaurant by Gambero Rosso, Italy's most prominent food guide. Sorbillo is considered the foremost pizza maker responsible for changing the perception of the pizzaiolo from a second-rate cook into a deeply-respected position and has managed to elevate pizza into a highly-respected cuisine.