Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions

1 - Registration

We inform our users that by registering to our app you agree to respect other users and we will regret any kind of offence.

2 - Disable or terminate accounts

We inform our users that their accounts can be disabled or terminated if abuses happen on our app.

3 - Owner of content

Blink editorial stuff put a lot of effort in content creation for the world. We create a new model of analysis for the places, activities, food and everything that makes value to people that are looking to visit or live a place.

4 - Visual content

Blink uses content which maybe submitted by users and we're not able to verify copyright please ask us to show your information or to remove the content at

5 - Update in the agreement

6 - Blink Subscription

Blink apps and website can be used for free. User can subscribe to Blink Annual subscription to unlock additional content in every Blink's destination. The subscription can be payed and managed via Apple App Store.

We will inform our users if we have new updates in our terms and condition in the future.

Francesco Fiore - 18 Sept 2018 - Blink