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Jamaica, Jamaica

Collection of 10 places
One of the most naturally beautiful places on the island Runaway Bay

Runaway Bay is a town in Saint Ann Parish on the northern coast of Jamaica and is considered one of the most naturally beautiful places on the island. It is a notable tourist destination located 16 km west of Ocho Ríos, and slightly east of Discovery Bay, where Christopher Columbus landed in 1494. Ocean View Beach is a private beach situated at Runaway Bay. The name derives from its having been an escape route for runaway slaves. Arawaks were the first native settlers, but they were eventually overpowered by Spanish explorers.

Adventure is waiting for you! YS Falls

Boasting a magnificent seven-tiered cascading waterfall, an expansive wading pool fed by underground springs, exciting canopy rides which careen you down the alley high above the falls, river tube rides and spectacular views. YS Falls opened in 1992. It is a nature-based attraction offering the opportunity to experience the beauty of the waterfalls surrounded by lush gardens and magnificent trees. There are seven waterfalls, several which cascade into natural pools. Some areas are fairly rocky and do not allow More recent additions to the attractions at YS Falls, include exhilarating canopy rides, which glide from the top of the falls to its base. These adventures are accompanied by experienced guides to take care of you along the way.

The most famous place in Portland Blue Lagoon

They say that the lagoon is bottomless and that a sort of dragon is hidden there. In reality, Blue Lagoon is an enchanting spot with deep blue water, a spring of fresh water and a well-known restaurant where you can have your meal served on banana leaves. You must try the Blue Lagoon cocktail and you won't forget it!! In the day it is possible to take a dip from its platform or snorkel and get a boat ride. There is an entrance fee. Live music on Sunday night.

Nestled among a river and the Ocean Frenchman's Cove Beach

The grounds at the cove spread about 42 acres with villas throughout. However, the actual beach is relatively small. This is not a problem because this beach is rarely crowded. What makes this beach so unique is the amazing river that meets the ocean. The sand is soft and white and the water is crystal clear. You can choose to swim in the very calm river or the ocean. Frenchman’s Cove beach is one of the most beautiful in Jamaica. Nestled at the outlet of a fresh-water stream, the beach’s white sand and turquoise waters have attracted visitors to Jamaica for decades. Luxuriate under a shade tree, take in the amazing view, cool off in the gentle surf, or go exploring up the river. Does the beach look familiar? It should: you’ve seen it as a film set in popular movies such as Knight and Day, with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Feel the true Jamaican Vibe Rick's Cafe

It’s actually a bar and restaurant, but most people go there for heart-throbbing cliff jumping, and breath-taking sunsets! Located at the top of a 35-foot high cliff on the far west end of Jamaica, it boasts some of the best, uninterrupted, sunsets in the world! If you get there before sunset, your attention will without a doubt be on the people jumping the off the highest cliff (35 feet), you can do that too :). When the sunset begins, there’s an in-house band that starts to play live Reggae music. They play well-known hits like many of Bob Marley’s songs. Live music in the background, cold beer in hand and a sunset that will make you feel like you’re on a different plant. What more could you as for? It sets the perfect Jamaican vibe.

The Coolest Bar In The World Floyd's Pelican Bar

Owner Floyd Forbes dreamed about a magical bar built on stilts in the middle of the ocean. Well in 2001 his dream became a reality and the Pelican Bar was open for business. There’s always a bunch of pelicans perched on the rocky sandbar next to the bar, and that’s where it got its name “Pelican Bar.” In the beginning, the bar was mainly for Floyd and his fellow fisherman buddies. However, it didn’t take long before more than just fisherman wanted to grab a beer there. 16 years later Floyd still fishes and serves up beer out here, and in our opinion, his bar is one of the best things to do in Jamaica.

Nice and Fancy Doctor’s Cave Beach Club

Doctor's Cave Beach Club, Montego Bay (also known as Doctor's Cave Bathing Club) has been one of the most famous beaches in Jamaica for nearly a century. It is noted for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and near-white sand. Its sheltered location provides calm waters.

A 7 -miles strip of Paradise Negril

Negril is a small (pop. 6,900) but widely dispersed beach resort town located across parts of two Jamaican parishes, Westmoreland and Hanover. Negril is about an hour and fifteen minute drive on the coastal highway from Sir Donald Sangster International Airport, in Montego Bay. Westmoreland is the westernmost parish in Jamaica, located on the south side of the island. Downtown Negril, the West End cliff resorts to the south of downtown, and the southern portion of the so-called "seven mile (11 km) beach" are in Westmoreland. The northernmost resorts on the beach are in Hanover Parish. The nearest large town is Savanna-la-Mar, the capital of Westmoreland Parish.

Ocho Rios’ Hidden Gem Irie Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is divided into two sections. There is the main Blue Hole with its Blue turquoise waters that just begs you to jump in. The view is surreal. If you are feeling adventurous, there is a Tarzan swing you can use. The Blue Hole is somewhere you want to relax and inhale the beauty that surrounds you. The other section of the Blue Hole is the waterfall section. This waterfall is around 20 feet in height. There is a path that runs along the river. You will rejoin the river further upstream. The waterfall is a 7-minute walk from the Blue Hole.

One of Jamaica's national treasures Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls is one of Jamaica's national treasures. Globally, it is as well known as Reggae and equally stimulating. There are few places where the Arawak name "Xayamaca" - land of rivers and springs - is apter. The Spaniards called the area "Las Chorreras" - the waterfalls or springs - and it is truly one of the most beautiful spots on the island. A stone's throw from Ocho Rios, one of Jamaica's fastest growing resort centers, Dunn's River Falls is unique. Described as a living and growing phenomenon, it continuously regenerates itself from deposits of travertine rock, the result of precipitation of calcium carbonate from the river, as it flows over the falls. The small dome-shaped cataracts are usually associated with thermal spring activity found in limestone caves. This, combined with its location near to the sea, gives Dunn's River the distinction of being the only one of its kind in the Caribbean, if not the world.