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Punta delle Formiche

Beach with Rocks Sicily, Italy

Admire this incredible landscape swimming in this wonderful sea Punta delle Formiche

The beach of "Punta delle Formiche" is located at the southern-eastern part of Sicily. It is located in the territory of Pachino and in the so-called Pantano Ponterio. This coast is characterized by rocks and beaches of fine sand. The sea is clear and transparent.

The name "Punta delle Formiche" seems to be due to the particular arrangement of the rocks that extend from the mainland towards the sea.becoming smaller, as if forming a small column of ants. Punta delle Formiche consists of a tip of sandstone rock, flanked by a strip of beach with fine sand set between the white rocks and a crystal-clear cobalt sea.a You need to live this wonderful experience.

Near Siracusa
Contrada Punto Rio, 96018 Pachino SR, Italia

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