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Castello di Donnafugata

Castle Sicily, Italy

Castello di Donnafugata

The castle of Donnafugata is located in Ragusa. The manor was one of the most important centers of social life in the Umbertine age. Its name comes from Arabic and means a source of health. Then, you can guess the splendour of this castle.

You will find the wealth of this castle in the 120 rooms that compose it. They still retain the original furniture of the time. You have to see the hall of the coats of arms representing the noble Sicilian families and two ancient armor. However the castle's stronghold is the monumental park of 8 hectares, in which there are artificial "caves" with fake stalactites and the particular stone labyrinth built in the typical ragusana dry masonry. In the park there are also amazing "jokes" created by the baron. The castle was also used as a set for some films including the very famous italian film "Il Gattopardo".

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Near Ragusa
Contrada Donnafugata, 97100 Ragusa RG, Italia

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