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Alicudi e Filicudi

Isle Sicily, Italy

The two wonderful twin sisters islands Alicudi e Filicudi

Alicudi and Filicudi are the two most primitive and authentic Aeolian islands. They are a true peaceful oasis in which you will be in contact with nature.

Alicudi is a now extinct crater. It is the most isolated island to the west of the "Arcipelago del fuoco". Its shape is similar to a perfect truncated cone. Filicudi is a rockier Island with its vertiginous coasts, modulated by caves, stacks, inlets, and islets. It is more elongated thanks to the promontory of "Capo Graziano". These two islands are like twin sisters because they are one of the last places where you can admire a perfect balance between man and nature . Just think that the electricity came here just twenty years ago. The best way to enjoy them is by boat. But even walking you will live an indescrible experience.

Near Messina
Isola Alicudi, Italia

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