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Faro del Monte Igueldo

Lighthouse San Sebastián, Spain

A Vintage fairground from times gone by Faro del Monte Igueldo

Overlooking the Comb of the Wind is Mount Igeldo, whose peak can be reached by a road that winds up between farmhouses and the sea or via a funicular railway. From the top, you can enjoy spectacular views over the city and the Basque coast towards France. Perched on the mountain is an old wood-fired lighthouse, El Torreón sits on the side of Monte Igeldo that faces out towards the high sea.

Surrounded by natural beauty, this is a heavenly landscape with the imposing sea in front. From the terrace of the lighthouse you can make out part of the Gipuzkoan coastline and enjoy cinematic-quality sunsets. This lighthouse was built in 1855 by civil engineer Manuel Peironcely to prevent boats from shattering against the rocky slopes of the mountain, as the sea waves continue to do. Since that time, the lighthouse has illuminated the horizon every night, warning sailors of the presence of the impassable cliffs of the Donostian coastline. This lighthouse replaced the tower located at the peak of Monte Igeldo which used a fixed light to warn thousands of sailors of danger since 1748. The Carlist Wars shut that light down permanently, with today’s light then taking over. The Donostia/San Sebastián lighthouse is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the cliffs of Monte Igeldo.

De Igeldo Ibilbidea, 187, 20008 Donostia, Guipúzcoa, Spain

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