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CupCakes Guide

New York, USA

Food Guide

The cupcake (literally a cake in a cup) is a tiny dessert born in the USA. These little cakes are usually enjoyed during tea-time or for those afternoon hunger pangs; the cupcakes are one of most beloved american-made dessert. In the last few years they've become more and more popular in the Big Apple.


Its origins date back to the 17th Century America, when these little cakes began to jump into snacks and breakfast of the European nobility. The name come from its shape, due to the fact that they were once baked inside of a tea cup.


Among the most common varieties we can find the red velvet, the chocolate o the vanilla one; however the fillings and flavors change in each country. In the USA they love bigger and tasteful cupcakes, while in Europe they prefer more delicate and little cupcakes for breakfast or a nice snack.