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St Paul's Cathedral

Place of Worship London, United Kingdom

Overlook London and the City from St Paul's Cathedral

Destroyed by the Great London Fire in 1666, the cathedral was rebuilt in 1700 on the ruins of the old one. Since then, Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece is a major landmark of the city.

Whether you reach it by tube or on foot through the Millenium Bridge, the view you get by Ludgate Hill is one of the most striking in the city. Despite the many skyscrapers newly built in the City, the dome of Saint Paul's Cathedral still dominates the London skyline. Climbing to the top through the 434 steps, the 360 ° view across the city is breathtaking. Inside there is an impressive collection of Venetian and British mosaics, funerary monuments and tombs of some of the most famous personalities in British history such as Wren himself, Lord Wellington and Admiral Nelson.

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    St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8BX, UK

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