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Riserva Naturale di Pian di Spagna-Lago di Mezzola

Nature Reserve Lake of Como, Italy

Between flora and fauna Riserva Naturale di Pian di Spagna-Lago di Mezzola

The Pian di Spagna and Lago di Mezzola Nature Reserve was established by the Lombardy Region in 1983 in implementation of the directives contained in the Ramsar Convention (IRAN, 1971), whose purpose is to ensure the environment suitable for stopping and nesting the avifauna migratoria, to protect and maintain the natural and landscape characteristics of the area. The morphology of the Pian di Spagna Nature Reserve - Lago di Mezzola allows you to know and appreciate many of the historical and environmental aspects that characterize it through easy itineraries, which mainly run in the perimeter areas of the protected area. Visits are possible in all seasons, although it is advisable to avoid the hottest moments of summer days. Some routes can be made entirely only accompanied by a Guide of the Reserve.

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