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Lake Garda, Italy

Collection of 11 places
A treasure hidden at the bottom of the Lake Aquaria Thermal SPA

In a wonderful medieval town steeped in history, the “Pearl of Garda” so praised by Catullus, lies Aquaria, the Thermal SPA of Terme di Sirmione. An oasis of wellness immersed in a large park, a place to enjoy moments of intense pleasure all year round, during the day or in the evening, alternating the sensorial experiences of the thermal water, the steam and the heat, the pampering of personalized treatments. Amidst the thermal water and the breathtaking views of Lake Garda that suffuse Aquaria with the enchantment of the sunset, our guests find beauty, equilibrium and harmony.

Home to the olive tree, whose groves spreads right down to its beaches Torri del Benaco

Torri del Benaco is blessed with the mildest of climates, and is home to the olive tree, whose groves spreads right down to its beaches. In its lush woods, where ilexes and oaks grow, you will find the "cistus albidus", which normally grows only along coastal regions. A view of Torri del Benaco from the lake is unforgettable; all you need do to enjoy this view, is take the ferry which goes back and forth from one end of the lake to the other.

The Prettiest Village you'll ever see Borghetto sul Mincio

Borghetto sul Mincio is one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy” (Borghi più Belli d’Italia). And it is one of those places that seem unreal. Like a fairy tale. A few houses, only 160 residents. You arrive here crossing the Visconteo bridge and you discover a tiny village basically lying on the Mincio river ,a perfect place for a romantic getaway and for taking pictures of an Italy that is already gone in many other places: Stone houses, some ancient watermills, the view of on the melancholic ruins of the medieval bridge and the Castle appearing among the trees on the hill.

One of the world's five most extraordinary gardens Parco Giardino Sigurtà

The area is a “park” for its wooden area with large trees, and is also a “garden” for its spaces adorned with flower beds, bushes and ornamental plants. This ecological oasis, located at the foot of the morainal hills, is considered one of the world's five most extraordinary gardens, with over thirty thousand plants sculpted by nature and by the skilled hands of man.

Perched on a cliff overhanging the lake Castello Scaligero di Malcesine

The castle is believed to have been built in 568 ad. A maze of narrow, winding streets leads down to the water’s edge. The focal point of Malcesine is the pretty port. Behind the town is Monte Baldo, which is the highest mountain in the Lake Garda area.

Garda Lake's Garden Gardone Riviera

A famous tourist destination and resort area, Gardone Riviera can truly be considered a genuine "botanical garden" where the typical vegetation of Lake Garda alternates with Central European, Mediterranean and sub-tropical plant species. Numerous parks and gardens line the lake banks and alternate with historical villas that, since the 19th century, have welcomed international guests seeking relaxation, elegance, and a sense of well-being. Gardone Riviera offers its guests a special microclimate, luxurious vegetation, an elegant atmosphere and a striking lakefront boulevard that hosts musical and cultural events in the summer. The town is famous for the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the imposing walled residence of poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, now a prestigious museum. Don’t miss the Andrè Heller Foundation - A. Hruska Botanical Garden, with hundreds of plant species from five continents that can be seen along the paths winding past rocks and ponds.

Well preserved fortress with stunning views Rocca di Lonato

The Lonato medieval castle "La Rocca" rises on a hill which dominates the southern part of Lake Garda and is one of the most impressive castles in all of Lombardy. Set inland, overlooking the ancient town of Lonato, the Rocca is an imposing structure nearly 180 feet long and 45 meters wide, complete with drawbridge! Throughout the years and centuries, Lonato del Garda was ruled by various peoples and families who fought each other over the fortified town which had a strategically important defense tower. The fortress belonged to the counts of Montichiari, the Scaliger family, and in 1376 it was the Visconti who expanded the fortified walls to protect the entire town. Today, the medieval Rocca of Lonato houses the town’s ornithology museum, “Gustavo Carlotto”.

Hanging between lake and sky Terrazza del Brivido
Panoramic Point

Set on hillocks of panoramic beauty towering over the entire Lake Garda. Tremosine is situated in the heart of the “Parco Alto Garda Bresciano” (Brescian Upper Garda Park) and it embodies its very essence, while bringing together all the natural and environmental qualities which are characteristic of an area of protected nature.

For those who wish to dip in the magic of the past Canale di Tenno

The village, entrenched on a mountain slope halfway Lake Garda and the Alps, has recently been included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy and this is not surprising: narrow paved alleys, arcades, small internal squares, houses set one against the other like in the ancient villages of the 13 century. The village was abandoned after the war, but in the sixties, it came back alive thanks to lively artistic and cultural activities. The Casa Degli Artisti (Home of the Artists), dedicated to the artist Giacomo Vittone, has its seat here and is a residence and meeting place for artists from whole Europe. Another Canale’s trump card is the beauty of its surrounding landscape: from its 428 meters you can admire the splendid Lake Garda, and behind it the imposing mountains, or you can reach Lake Tenno, one of the most cleanest stretches of water in Trentino, characterized by its intense turquoise color and small islet.

A wonderful place for the whole family Baia delle Sirene

Visitors can have the pleasure of diving into the splendid waters of the bay and spend warm summer days in luxurious relaxation, comfortably stretched out on lounge chairs. From the private beach or from the shade of magnificent olive trees, sunsets on Lake Garda are an unforgettable experience. There are also two dining spots, a small ice cream parlor and picnic tables available. In the evenings it is possible to enjoy the sunset having a drink with friends.

A natural SPA surrounded by Lake Garda Terme di Colà
Natural Spring

The “Parco Termale del Garda” is a “unique natural spa” of 13 acres surrounded by rare plants and trees with thermal lakes, swimming pools, a wellness centre and a fitness facility. “Villa dei Cedri” mineral water originates in large amounts from 2 deep subterranean water-bearing strata (160 and 200 meters depth) at a temperature of 37° and 42° C In the main lake and in the swimming pool the temperature of the thermal water is set at approximately 33° C and in the special pools (old tubs) temperature reaches 37°/39° C. In the second lake the water temperature is around 29°-30°. The facility includes a luxury Hotel – “Villa dei Cedri” – the 18th villa with elegant rooms all provided with thermal whirlpool. The “Residence” offers charming apartments equipped with kitchen and thermal whirlpool.