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Garda Olive Oil Guide

Lago di Garda, italia

Guida Food

Lake Garda is Europe most northern area where olive trees can be grown. The huge amount of water of the lake mitigates the climate of the region so that on the shore of Lake Garda, you can find a typical Mediterranean flora: palm trees, lemon trees and of course olive trees that have been cultivated here for thousands of years. The hills surrounding the lake are often spotted with the typical pale green color of olive tree leaves.

Garda Extra-Virgin Olive Oil has always been universally acknowledged as an exceptional oil, especially when it accompanies certain dishes. Its freshness and delicacy are increasingly appreciated throughout Europe.

Controlled channeling

The high quality of this Garda Oil, today a niche product, is constantly supervised by its own Consortium and by a Certificating Body on the basis of a production discipline which is among the strictest in Italy, approved by EC Regulations 2081/92. The regulations establish permitted olive varieties, registration of the groves, the boundaries of the production areas, the maximum production per hectare and the chemical and organoleptic parameters. The Certifying Body draws up the checking plan for admissibility of a product to the DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) and for marketing methods.

Perfect climate

There has been a flourishing and famous tradition of olive oil production on the shores of Lake Garda since antiquity, where it is produced at its most northerly point in the world thanks to the microclimate of this Lake. These particular climatic conditions render the area almost always immune to those parasites of the olive which need much warmer temperatures for their reproductive cycle. This is indeed a prestigious oil, light and fruity, rich in chlorophyll, and sapid and harmonious to the taste.