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Ganh Da Dia

Beach with Rocks Vietnam, Vietnam

Vietnam’s Own ‘Giant’s Causeway’ Ganh Da Dia

Just like the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland and a handful of other spots in random locations around the world, Ganh Da Dia is the result of a perfect storm of natural events which created this beautiful phenomenon. The basalt columns came about due to volcanic activity in the region millions of years ago, as the flow of lava reached the cooling waters of the sea it solidified and cracked into these rare polygonal formations! Over time many have been worn down by the beating of the sea and also twisted and deformed by the seismic activity after their formation, creating this beautiful and strange wonder we see today! The formations at Ganh Da Dia are smaller in surface area than that of Northern Ireland, but are just as dramatic and in many ways so much more satisfying to visit.

An Ninh Đông, Tuy An, Phú Yên, Vietnam

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