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Pasta e fasoi Guide

Verona, Italy

Food Guide
Since ancient Rome

Since the times of ancient Rome the noble families of Verona were famous throughout the empire for the taste of the lunches that they offered during memorable receptions, and even in medieval chronicles it is said that the princes Scaligeri often used to host the guests of their court with rich libations and exquisite dishes. Noble families in primis, but not only. They are all the Veronese to love good food, whatever their class. They love it with a passion that over the centuries have been able to elevate to authentic art, devising with flair and imagination, exquisite dishes with poor products

"In the land where wine is widely used, it is advisable to ingest strong foods that" hold "the wine by stopping its ardor.For this purpose it responds very well pasta and beans, robust and massive dish, almost muscular, roughly plebeian devised by the imagination of the poor, always unsurpassable in the art of eating well "(Verona a Tavola, 1995)

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