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Palazzo della Gran Guardia

Palace Verona, Italy

The majestic Palazzo della Gran Guardia

The Gran Guardia is a monumental building that occupies the south side of the central Piazza Bra and that every day almost seems to want to compete with the mighty Arena. It was conceived as a building of arms, with a vast portico usable to pass the troops in the days of bad weather and overlooked by a noble floor intended to accommodate the academy of arms of the filotomes.

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      lunedì: 09:30–20:30
      martedì: 09:30–20:30
      mercoledì: 09:30–20:30
      giovedì: 09:30–20:30
      venerdì: 09:30–22:30
      sabato: 09:30–20:30
      domenica: 09:30–20:30

    045 806 8680

    Piazza Bra, 1, 37121 Verona VR, Italia

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