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A poor and antique recipe: Risi e Bisi Guide

Venice, Italy

Food Guide

Risi e Bisi is a Venetian springtime specialty, traditionally made to celebrate the feast of San Marco on 25 April, when the peas are at their smallest and sweetest. A Venetian classic, eaten as a main rather than a side, this dish was once reserved for nobility and prepared on festival days. Best in winter or spring when baby peas are just harvested, Risi e Bisi is so popular that it can be found in Veneto throughout the year.

Risi e Bisi’ could be undoubtedly rated as the most ancient and renowned local dish, born around the islands of the Republic of Venice.

A Byzantine origin?

Actually some historians attribute Risi e Bisi to the Byzantine culture: which is quite probable indeed, because of the close contact between Venice and the Eastern Roman Empire. In recent times, the locals have consolidated and perfected the techniques to make this "almost-risotto", peas based, that looks like a dense soup: a poor but tasty and satisfying dish, particularly suitable in autumn and winter.