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Piazza Vittorio Veneto di Torino

Square Turin, Italy

Record proof Square Piazza Vittorio Veneto di Torino

Piazza Vittorio Veneto is the largest square in Turin, located in the historic center of the city. It is located at the end of via Po, close to the Po river, closing on the Vittorio Emanuele I bridge that connects it to the square of the Church of the Gran Madre di Dio and the district of Borgo Po. The idea that it is the largest square in Europe is very widespread, especially among the people of Turin. In reality it is an inaccuracy. The error stems from the fact that Piazza Vittorio Veneto actually holds this record, but only considering the squares with arcades. The square is notoriously a meeting place and youth gathering, especially since 2006, when the redevelopment due to the Turin Winter Olympics has transformed the parking lots of the square into pedestrian areas. There are many places that overlook directly, very popular especially during the weekend nights.

Historic Centre
Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Torino TO, Italy

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