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Teatro Verdi

Theater Trieste, Italy

An opera house which resembles "La Scala" Teatro Verdi

The Giuseppe Verdi Opera House is the main theater in Trieste. It was built by private initiative between 1798 and 1801. The original project was by Giannantonio Selva, designer of the Venice Fenice, to whom we owe the interiors. Matteo Pertsch took over the post and then took care of the façades. The influence of Giuseppe Piermarini, Pertsch teacher and Scala designer in Milan, is evident in the main façade. The definitive arrangement of the hall is due to the restoration of 1882-1884 which took place under the direction of Eugenio Geiringer. On this occasion the current decorations of the hall were also realized (by Josef Horwath), while the building was extended in the back part with the creation of the current post-façade that incorporates the design of the main one. It was inaugurated with the name Teatro Nuovo and was later called Teatro Grande (1820), later Teatro Comunale (1861) and finally Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi (1901). The first performance took place on 21 April 1801 with Ginevra di Scozia by Simon Mayr with Teresa Bertinotti, Luigi Marchesi, Giacomo David. It is known throughout Europe for the International Operetta Festival (from 1950 to 2011).

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Riva Tre Novembre, 1, 34121 Trieste TS, Italia

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