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Centrale Idrodinamica

Museum Trieste, Italy

Excellent example of indutrial archeologic Centrale Idrodinamica

The Port of Trieste was one of the first ports in the world to equip itself with a hydrodynamic plant. The Porto Vecchio hydrodynamic plant complex in Trieste is considered a jewel of industrial archeology. It was among the first to be built between 1887 and 1890 in the historic port district of Trieste, on the project of the engineer from Trieste, Luigi Buzzi. With a rectangular 90 x 25 meter plant, it became operational in 1891 and became the energy center of the entire old port. All the steam engines capable of handling the cranes, the docks elevators and the port warehouses operating up to six kilometers away were concentrated in a single plant. Also the drawbridge, located on the Trieste shores, which crossed the Ponterosso Canal, was operated by the Hydrodynamic Plant.

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P. Franco Vecchio, 1, 34136 Trieste TS, Italy

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