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Maya Bay

Bay Thailand, Thailand

So beautiful it will hurt your eyes! Maya Bay

Have you ever sat somewhere with that travel bug crawling around inside you and imagined that perfect long stretch of white sand beach with a beautiful backdrop of mangroves and limestone cliffs jutting up to the clear blue sky? Have you also seen the famous movie "The Beach"? You know the one with Leonardo DiCaprio and a bunch of kids looking for a little slice of utopia on an undiscovered island paradise? Well..this is also the place. Maya Bay is above all an exceptional setting: sheer green cliffs above the Andaman Sea, a small white sand beach with a dense encroaching jungle, and reefs adorned with hundreds of multi-colored fish. This is indisputably one of the finest landscapes in Thailand. Maya Bay also offers great snorkeling, if you manage to leave behind the hordes of holidaymakers arriving in the bay each day.

Phi Phi Island
Maya Bay, Thailand

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