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Village Sicily, Italy

Outpost over the see Taormina

This charming town is located above a rocky level of Tauro mount, overhanging the Ionian Sea, 250 meters height. It is one of the most important international tourist center of the Sicilian region, known for its natural landscape, sea beauties and its historic monuments.

There is great artistic, historical and cultural heritage that you can visit in Taormina, which together with the healthy climate and landscapes has attracted visitors since the mid-eighteenth century. Taormina lies on the cliff so you can see from every points the water underneath that breaks between the cliffs. In the heart of Taormina there is also a timeless historic center. Here you can see a medieval area where you can admire the Clock Tower and the central villa of Taormina, a triumph of flowers and beauty.

Near Messina
98039 Taormina ME, Italia

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