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Riserva Cavagrande del Cassabile

Nature Reserve Sicily, Italy

Jump in the waterfalls of Riserva Cavagrande del Cassabile

The Natural Reserve, included in the municipalities of Avola, Noto and Syracuse, aims to preserve the various riches of its territory by a  Natural and archaeological point of view, since the whole area has been inhabited over the millennia and tombs and finds remained.

The area is characterized by the Cassibile river course that in the millennia dug deep gorges or canyons. You will immerse yourself in a spectacular nature and enjoy the limpid and icy water of the quarry and then stretch yourself to the warm Sicilian sun on the rocks. This place is lovely, and once you get there you will not want to leave it!

+39 0931 67450

Near Siracusa
Fiume Cassibile, Italia

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