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Palazzo dei Normanni

Historical Building Sicily, Italy

Golden mosaics of the Palazzo dei Normanni

The Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo, formerly Palazzo Reale, is the seat of the Sicilian Regional Assembly. It was transformed by the Normans into a sumptuous palace that was able to express all the power of the monarchy. So sumptuous to fill it with most precious mosaics.

You can visit the complex which is a set of tower-shaped buildings. The core spot of the palace is without doubt the Palatine chapel, located in a basilica with three naves. These are delimited by granite columns and spring marble. The dome, the transept and the apses are decorated with wonderful Byzantine mosaics, one of the most important in Sicily, representing Christ, the evangelists and various biblical scenes. Also picturesque Roger King Room with mosaics representing centaurs, leopards, peacocks, deer and swans in the background of a tree and palm plantation.

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    sabato: 08:15–17:45
    domenica: 08:15–13:00

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In Palermo
Piazza Indipendenza, 1, 90129 Palermo, Italia

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