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Village Sicily, Italy


It is a tourists attraction in all seasons. Indeed it is an evocative place in winter and a picturesque place with lights in summer. Its sunsets over the sea and its chalets on the beach offer unforgettable summers to those lucky enough to visit Modica.

In Modica you will taste a lot of typical dishes. They come from the different cultures that have dominated this city. Today it is known above all for the production of the typical Aztec-derived chocolate. You will have unprecedented views from the path that, passing through caves and alleys, will lead you to the church of S. Maria di Betlem. In the western part of the rocky spur, which hosts the Castello dei Conti at the top, there are the "dressed caves", a significant example of traditional cave dwellings. These very particular caves represent a cross-section of the medieval era that penetrates the late-baroque context of the city. There are four caves that can be visited and testify to a humble but proud past of its origins.

Near Ragusa
97015 Modica RG, Italia

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