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Duomo di Monreale

Place of Worship Sicily, Italy

Among the towers of Santa Maria Nuova Duomo di Monreale

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova is the main place of the Catholics in Monreale. It is located in the metropolitan city of Palermo, archbishop's seat of the Archdiocese of the same name. Someone called it the most beautiful temple in the world, and of course the Monreale Cathedral is one of the finest examples of art matching the heart of man. The approximately 6,400 square feet of mosaic gives an artistic review of the Bible.

You'll be astonished by the exteriors and interior of this cathedral. The main façade is inserted into two asymmetrical towers while the back of the Monreale cathedral is a wonderful example of Arab art with polychrome decorations obtained from the use of burnished limestone, gray-black lava and red bricks in horizontal bands . The walls are enriched by rounds of different size and design that simulate finely decorated blind rosettes. Inside the cathedral there are many peculiarities that you can see as the throne of the king and the ceilings made of polychrome wood, a variety of classical coverings of medieval architecture. The central nave is shaped like a hull ship, made up of huge logs carved with gold friezes.

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Near Palermo
Piazza Guglielmo II, 1, 90046 Monreale PA, Italia

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