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Borgo di Erice

Mountain Village Sicily, Italy

From sky to see in Borgo di Erice

Erice is a small village, recognized as the Honorary Guest of the Most Beautiful of Italy, located in the clouds. You can reach the village by climbing a cable car. If the sky is clear you can admire amazing landscapes, if you find a low cloud you can walk in.

The downtown has only 512 inhabitants and it is located on the homonymous Monte Erice, while most of the population is concentrated in the town of Santa Casa, near Trapani city. Erice's name comes from Erix, a mythological character, son of Aphrodite and Bute, killed by Heracles. From 1167 to 1934 it was named Monte San Giuliano.

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    Near Trapani
    91016 Erice TP, Italy

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