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The marvelous natural pools of Sardinia

Sardinia, Italy

Collection of 4 places
Dive into the Piscine di Cala Liberotto

These are some of the pearls of the territory of Orosei. The bottom of white sand and the granite of the outcropping rocks make these pools particularly bright (as well as suitable for children to play). Prickly pear and dwarf palms make this place look like a real tropical paradise.

Discover the marvel Piscina di Nasca

It is located on the island of San Pietro, in the south-west of Sardinia, and is called, in the dialect of Carloforte, trögiu, ie tub used to harvest grapes during the harvest. The Piscina di Nasca is located at the end of a spectacular cliff overlooking the sea and its strong point is the emerald green color of the water.

Another pearl of the interior of Sardinia Piscina Irgas

The waterfall of Piscina Irgas is located in the Sardinian commune of Villacidro, in the province of South Sardinia. It is located almost on the border with the Domusnovas territory, surrounded by peaks reaching up to about 700 m. It represents one of the most famous waterfalls in the municipal terracory of Villacidro together with that of Sa Spendula and Muru Mannu (or great wall) in Sardinian.

Discover Piscine di Coccorrocci

Calls in Sardinian Piscina 'and Cerbu (swimming of the deer), are located near the beach of Coccorrocci, south of Cardedu, in Ogliastra. They are born from the source of de su accu and axina, in Monte Ferru, and are set among red porphyry rocks, immersed in uncontaminated nature.