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Province of Oristano

Sardinia, Italy

Collection of 11 places
The most equipped beach on the Oristano coast Spiaggia di Torre Grande
Equipped Beach

Three kilometers of golden sand ranging from the marina to the mouth of the Tirso, bordered by tall palm trees and a beautiful promenade, a stretch of coastline ideal for a holiday of swimming and diving, jogging and sports, horseback riding, bike or skating, music evenings and fun. Torregrande is the beach of Oristano, which is ten kilometers away, and owes its name to the main square of the small tourist center, founded by farmers and fishermen.

For those who love nature Cascata di Sos Molinos

They are small waterfalls formed by the Rio Molinos in a deep and suggestive gorge. The town takes its name from the many mills that were once fed by the waters of the stream. The waterfall has a height upstream of 443 m above sea level and downstream of 413. It consists of thirty effective meters of waterfall distributed in five different jumps.

Immerse yourself in the nature of Spiaggia Compoltitu

The beach is a beautiful, very popular cove with a very fine sandy bottom and some pebbles and isolated rock, surrounded by flat rocks on which it is possible to lie down. Really fantastic its crystal clear water, you can snorkel moving along the coast in the nearby rocky coves or lying down to sunbathe on the beach with a look at the sky, perhaps hoping to spot one of the rare griffins that just between Alghero and Bosa they still manage to nidify and strive strenuously against extinction.

In a natural setting of extraordinary beauty Area archeologica di Tahrros
Archeological Site

The ancient settlement of Tharros rises at the end of the Sinis peninsula. It unfolds in the Gulf of Oristano on a sort of natural amphitheater bounded on the north by the hill of Su Murru Mannu, on the west by the tower of San Giovanni and on the south by the isthmus connecting the latter to the promontory of Capo San Marco. Tharros was founded in the late 8th century BC and was abandoned around the year 1050 AD. to give rise to Aristiane, the current Oristano.

Discovering a special place, able to make you excite and get drunk with energy and strength Capo Mannu

It is Capo Mannu, a small pearl located on the west coast of Sardinia, in the province of Oristano, perfect for lovers of water sports thanks to its position that exposes it to all winds of the western dials and especially to the mistral, for those who surf, windsurf and kite. Add to this the beaches surrounding Capu Mannu, from S'Anea Scoada to Pitzu Idu, from Mandriola to Sa Mesa Longa passing through Su Pallosu and Sa Rocca Tunda. Each cove is different from the other with a peculiarity that characterizes it and makes it unique.

The pearl of the Sinis peninsula Is Arutas

Several hundred meters of turquoise sea and roundish grains of very fine quartz, similar to grains of rice, declined in a suggestive escalation of colors, from green to white, passing through the delicate pink. Is Arutas is one of the jewels of the marine area of the Sinis peninsula, in the territory of Cabras, just over ten kilometers north of the town.

The largest urban park in Sardinia Parco Aymerich

There is a place in the historical territory of Sarcidano, where you can immerse yourself in suggestive nature trails among countless plant species and medieval ruins. It is the Aymerich park, an oasis of 22 hectares that belonged until 1990 to a family of marquises, feudal lords of this strip of land. The author of the authentic nature reserve was Don Ignazio Aymerich Ripoll, a botany enthusiast, who imported rare plants from the mid-nineteenth century on every journey outside the island.

One of the most fascinating and known Medieval fortifications in the Province of Oristano Castello Malaspina

The castle is located on the Serravalle hill, and from its panoramic position defended the coasts from the Arab raids. Over the years it has undergone numerous modifications and extensions up to today's construction. Already at the beginning of the XIII century the quadrangular trachyte towers were built in which the heraldic coats of arms were placed on the north-facing wall.

In the medieval period it was one of the entrance doors to the city Torre di Mariano II

It was originally known as de Port'e Ponti, because it led to the bridge on the Tirso, then the documents define it as 'di Cristoforo', because it contained a retable of the saint. The tower of Mariano, originally welded to the city walls, stands today isolated in the center of Piazza Roma in Oristano, an evident trace of the lost fortifications.

A corner of paradise S'Archittu

S'Archittu (Translation: "the little arch," in the Sardinian language) is a small coastal tourist resort near Oristano (Sardinia, Italy), part of the municipality of Cuglieri.

Discover Civico Museo Archeologico "Giovanni Marongiu"

It guards the Giants of Mont'e Prama, the greatest archaeological discovery of the late twentieth century in the Mediterranean. The Civic Archeological Museum of Cabras, inaugurated in 1997 and named after Giovanni Marongiu, Cabrese personality, is a journey from prehistory to the Middle Ages through testimonies found in the Sinis peninsula.