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Santorini Best Beaches

Santorini, Greece

Collection of 5 places
Swimming and Chilling at White Beach

In the village of Akrotiri, on the south-west coast of Santorini, 14 kilometers away from Fira you can find one of the most remarkable and distinctive beaches. Its name reveals the spectacle you face when you get there. It is white pebbled surrounded by white towering cliffs that form a beautiful, small cove and provide partial shade. This tiny beach is also composed of pumice stones and gray volcanic sand and pebbles, like the rest of the beaches in Santorini. The waters, of course, are inviting and crystal clear.

Go cliff jumping at Amoudi Bay Amoudi Bay

Does jumping into crystal clear Mediterranean waters surrounded by the striking cliff faces of Santorini sound like your cup of tea? Well then you must check out this incredible swimming spot at Amoudi Bay. You can swim straight off the rocks, or if you are up to the game, climb up the stairs of the massive boulder in the water and do your best dive in!

The perfect introduction to a lesser-known side of the island Kamari Beach

Santorini’s beaches are mostly gathered on the south-east side of the island, and Kamari is one of the most accessible beaches in the area. Its setting is striking, sitting at the foot of Mesa Vouno mountain, nestled between its surrounding cliffs. The long stretch of beach is covered with black pebbles, a stark contrast to the azure blue waters, and the promenade is lined with bars and restaurants.

A burst of Color Red beach

The Red Sand Beach in Santorini is located next to the ancient site of Akrotiri. This small beach features varying shades of red that can easily be seen from the headlands if you decide to not take the rocky path along the mountain to reach the beachfront. Located less than a mile southwest of Ancient Akrotiri, this beach earns its name from its towering red cliffs and dark sand. Travelers say the scenery is stunning: be sure to bring a camera to take photos of the stark contrast between the brick red cliffs and the aquamarine water. Hike to the beach (with the proper footwear) to get an alternative look at its incredibly unique geography.

The Dark Side of the beach Perissa Beach

Perissa and Perivolos are basic the same long beach with tens of restaurants and bars options for you to spend the whole day. Perissa is a beautiful beach situated 15 km southeast of Fira extending for 7 km on the southeastern side of Santorini. The beach features unique characteristics, black sand, crystalline waters and various beach facilities. However, the enormous rock called Mesa Vouno that rises from the sea is the main attraction of the beach and the entire area. Visitors are left spellbound by the stunning view of the rock especially when it shines in the dark.