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Surfing in San Sebastian Guide

San Sebastián, Spain


Spain is one of the most popular surf destinations in Europe thanks to its incredible coastlines with world-class waves, suitable for all levels, hosting many surfing competitions and features on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour. San Sebastian is a fantastic place to learn how to surf.


This stunning beach west of San Sebastien is a sandy stretch surrounded on all sides by miles of lush green natural parkland. It’s getting increasingly popular thanks to the high-quality surf suitable for all levels, and also as the WQS competition is held here every September. What makes this spot one of the most popular surf beaches in Spain is that it needs barely any swell to work, as well as the fact it is a long expanse of beach that offers up a variety of fun peaks waiting to be surfed. It produces great beginner waves nearer to the shore and some more powerful walls for intermediates out the back. It has excellent facilities such as lifeguards, surf schools, showers, toilets, beach games and a beautiful promenade that extends along the beach, perfect for post surf amble while stopping in for refreshments!

Zurriola Beach is the place to go for anyone planning to surf in San Sebastian

La Zurriola surf beach is surrounded by mountains on either side making for spectacular views when sitting out on your surf board waiting for the last wave of the evening. The Ocean water stays warm throughout the summer thanks to the flow of the Bay of Biscay, so any San Sebastian surf lessons you take will be in a light wetsuit or even shorts. There you'll find great waves for surfers of all levels. Along the length of this medium-sized beach you can catch different types of waves, breaking both to the right and the left. On the beach itself, you’ll find several surf schools where you can sign up for a full course or simply hire a board. The only problem with this beach is that it can become overcrowded. On the one hand, it’s popular with bathers in the summertime, while on the other, crowds of surfers flock to the sea. The beach attracts all sorts of people, meaning that it's usually very busy. Despite this, Zurriola remains an excellent surfing destination.

Surf tourism in San Sebastian has been increasing year on year, and gradually has earned a reputation among surfing enthusiasts, who flock there every year purely to practice their sport of choice. The local passion for surf is so great that recent years have seen it become a way of life, and it’s common to come across some kind of surfing event on the Zurriola Beach. The areas of Sagüés, on the Paseo de la Zurriola, and the district of Gros are packed with bars, pubs, restaurants and shops for surfers.