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The Top Coworking Spaces

San Francisco, California

Collection of 6 places
A space to develop your ideas Spaces Menlo Park
Co-Working space

Spaces Menlo Park are located in the Silicon Valley, near Facebook and Google. It is an exclusive and creative workspace positioned on the waterfront. Here you will find a network of innovators in order to accelerate your business. Indeed there are a lot of startups, scholars from Stanford and major research institutions. It is an ideal space to develop your ideas in an exciting environment.

A creative working space Spaces Santana Row
Co-Working space

The Spaces Santana Row is a unique working space located in the Silicon Valley, in the center of the neighborhood Santana Row. Here you will find the perfect space for your meetings, with a super wi-fi connection and informal spaces for every business need. Here a lot of corporations flourish everyday. However there are also some of the most important corporations in the world such as: Facebook, Apple and Google. You will find a creative energy and you will be able to share your ideas with other people .

A space to develop your business WeWork Valley Towers
Co-Working space

WEWork Valley Towers are spaces dedicated to the coworking. In these spaces the corporations grow up together and CEO's share their ideas. In these spaces you can work hard in your project in a welcomming environment. The coworking spaces in San Francisco host the most innovative digital startups, powerful finance firms and more. Here you will find a perfect space to develop your business.

An alternative workspace The Port
Co-Working space

If you want a nice alternative to San Francisco you can choose this nice coworking space located in Oakland. All corporations are accepted in this inspiring work space overlooking downtown Oakland. It provides an ideal atmosphere for meeting with customers and partenrs. You will also receive ,as a bonus, a yellow keycard that will open the doors to 90 Port Workspace locations around the world.

A coworking space dedicated to women The Hivery
Co-Working space

The Hivery is a coworking space founded by Grace Kraaijvanger. It is the most unique coworking space in San Francisco. Indeed the founder wanted to open a dance studio. However, afer time, she decided to create the space only for women. We can consider this coworking space as a collaborative, prestigious space where women can pursue their work, passion, and ideas.

A new and unique coworking space Hero City
Co-Working space

This coworking space was designed in conjuction with Draper University. Both were founded by VC Tim Draper which founded also Hotmail, Skype and Tesla. It is a unique coworking space. It's a city with a vibrant culture, open-minded people, possibilities and perspectives. It is a new entrepreneurial playground located between Silicon Valley and San Francisco. It fosters innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship.