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Computer History Museum

Technology San Francisco, California

Discover the history of our computers Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum has been established in 1996. It is located in Mountain view. It is a museum dedicated to preserving the stories and the development of a revolutionary tool: the computer. Thanks to this museum you will know all the steps of this essential instrument up to our days.

The museum holds more than 100.000 items including hardware, ephemera, photographs, moving images, documents and software artifacts. You can see all the records and personal papers from corporations, CEO's, computer science luminaries, female entrepreneurs and inventors. So, if you are a computer lover visit this very interesting museum in which you can trace a basic piece of our history.

+1 650-810-1010

Silicon Valley
1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043, Stati Uniti

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