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Grotta della Zinzulusa

Cave Salento, Italy

One of Salento's most impressive karstic phenomena Grotta della Zinzulusa

The cave, which branches out in several different directions, owes its name to the popular imagination - its many stalactites and stalagmites look like limp rags, which are called "zinzuli" in the local Salento dialect. The entrance gives onto a karstic tunnel which extends into the depths for about a hundred meters, becoming increasingly narrow until it reaches the Cathedral, the final chamber in the part of the cave above water and open to the public. From this point on, the tunnel runs down to the submerged section of the cave, the Cocito. Unique living fossils have been found here (including Higghinsia Ciccaresi hypogeum sponges), while the presence of large stalagmites suggests that the area was above sea level for a long period of time.

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Piazzale Zinzulusa, 73030 Castro LE, Italy

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