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Faro della Palascia

Lighthouse Salento, Italy

Italy's most easterly point Faro della Palascia

Cape Palascìa, commonly known as Capo d'Otranto, is Italy's most easterly point. It is situated in the territory of the Apulian city of Otranto, in the Province of Lecce at 40° 7' northing and 18° 31' easting. The lighthouse was built in 1867 and abandoned in the 1970s, however, was reopened to tourists in 2008 and currently hosts the Centre on Environment and Health of the Mediterranean ecosystems and a multimedia museum of the sea. It is one of five Mediterranean lighthouses protected by the European Commission. It is often visited by tourists, particularly at New Year, since it stands at the point where the dawn of the new year may first be seen in Italy. According to nautical conventions, Capo d'Otranto marks the point where the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea meet.

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SP87, 73028 Otranto LE, Italy

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