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Villa dei Quintilli

Monumental Building Rome, Italy

An incredible piece of Roman history Villa dei Quintilli

The Villa dei Quintili is a property of the State only since 1986. It was the largest and most sumptuous residence of the Roman suburb.

It is the largest suburban villa in Rome. It is located at the 5th mile of the Via Appia. According to the tradition, here took place the historical fight between the Orazi and the Curiazi. The villa belonged to the two brothers Sesto Quintilio Condiano and Sesto Quintilio Valerio Massimo, consuls in 151 AD. The current entrance of the villa is located on Via Appia Nuova, where an Antiquarium is set up. On the side towards the Appia Antica you can see the remains of a monumental nymphaeum. It was transformed into a castle in medieval times. The monumental complex is located over the Roman countryside and offers a panorama that has inspired many famous artists over time.


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Historic Centre
Via Appia Antica, 290, 00178 Roma RM, Italia

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