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Orti Farnesiani

Gardens Rome, Italy

Get lost inside the gardens of Orti Farnesiani

The Botanical Garden of the Farnesian Ortians takes its name from the Farnese family, which at the end of the fifteenth century acquired almost all of the Palatine's surface and transformed it into a beautiful garden.

The purpose of this garden was to show the power of the Farnese family. The garden was considered the oldest in the western world. The villa was surrounded by lush gardens, useful to the leisure of the family and hosting magnificent receptions. The architect's style is found in the impressive portal once placed at the entrance of the gardens, now re-built as a monumental entrance to the archaeological area. The garden complex is set up on a series of Terraces, joined by ramps, passing through the Rain Ninfeo to the Fontanone Theater. Continuing you will find the relics of the imperial palaces. Advance up to a brick parapet, overlooking a baroque fountain. From the parapet look down you can see where you were walking for cool walks. A cryptoportic system placed the two main palaces. To the right of the parapet you can see the area where one of the oldest Imperial palaces, the Domus Tiberiana, once stood.

12€ trovandosi all'interno del colle Palatino

Opening Time
    lunedì: 08:30–19:30
    martedì: 08:30–19:30
    mercoledì: 08:30–19:30
    giovedì: 08:30–19:30
    venerdì: 08:30–19:30
    sabato: 08:30–19:30
    domenica: 08:30–19:30

+39 06 4749 7462

Historic Centre
Via di San Gregorio, 30, 00186 Roma RM, Italia

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