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La Terrazza del Cesàri

Terrace Rome, Italy

Between Rome and the sky La Terrazza del Cesàri

Elegant and exclusive cocktail bar is open every day of the week, for a cocktail from 18.00 and up to 24.00 hours after dinner. You can choose the side facing Piazza di Pietra, or the upper terrace admiring the facade of the Church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, giving you a moment of pure relaxation sipping the light of a Roman sunset of the Bar of the Terrace cocktail.

Beyond traditional cocktails at your disposal also a cellar of fine Italian wines, selected especially for the Cesàri Hotel. Before or after dinner, for an evening with friends or to relax in solitude, the sweet roman night is here waiting for you.

+39 06 674 9701

Via di Pietra, 89, 00186 Roma, Italia

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