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Ghetto Ebraico

District Rome, Italy

Walk thorough Ghetto Ebraico

The Jewish ghetto of Rome is one of the hidden treasures of the capital. Visit this small neighborhood, bordered on one side by the Tiber and Piazza Venezia on the other, represents an experience not only cultural and religious, because of the Synagogue and the Jewish Museum, but also gastronomic, thanks to the many small restaurants scattered throughout the ghetto. An unmissable neighborhood to discover the flavors of traditional Roma, where you will find the best kosher restaurants in the city. Right here, in one of the oldest slums in the world, the Roman culinary offer is at its maximum in the ancient traditions of the Roman-Jewish dishes.

What is unique about every meal in Rome is the special atmosphere in every corner and the history of the Ghetto neighborhood is reflected in many of the places that makes this area of the city so vibrant and striking. In every little street of the Ghetto are combined beautifully ancient flavors and suggestive views, for memorable culinary experiences.

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    Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 00186 Roma, Italia

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