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Colonna di Marco Aurelio

Column Rome, Italy

A bas-reliefs art on the Colonna di Marco Aurelio

The column of Marcus Aurelius is a monument of Rome, built between 176 and 192 to celebrate the victories of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius obtained on the Germanic peoples Marcomanni.

The monument, covered with bas-reliefs, is inspired by the Trajan's Column. The sculptural frieze that is rolled up in a spiral around the stem, if it were carried out, would exceed 110 meters in length.

Opening Time
    Lunedì: Aperto 24 ore su 24
    Martedì: Aperto 24 ore su 24
    Mercoledì: Aperto 24 ore su 24
    Giovedì: Aperto 24 ore su 24
    Venerdì: Aperto 24 ore su 24
    Sabato: Aperto 24 ore su 24
    Domenica: Aperto 24 ore su 24

+39 06 0608

Piazza Colonna, 00186 Roma, Italia

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