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Circo Massimo

Historical Building Rome, Italy

The most ancient Circus of Rome the Circo Massimo

During the Roman period the Circo Massimo was the most important and ancient circus in the world. It was as an ancient stadium in which Romans enjoyed the best games of their age. Nowadays people can visit the area running or walking in this enormous green place

The structure of the Circo Massimo improved during centuries together with Roman reign and chariot races. At first it was built by Tarquinio Prisco of wooden but in the best Roman age it was changed into marble. Two big obelisks were put in the centre of the track. Nowadays Ramsete II obelisk is in Piazza del Popolo. The other one dedicated to Thutmosi III,that came from Tebe,it's in San Giovanni in Laterano. The Circo Massimo is the biggest sport centre of all times. In fact 380.000 spectators could watch freely all games. The last games took place in 549 a.c..During the middle ages it was fortified and for the structure begun a slow decay. Nowadays in the Circo Massimo take place great shoes and concerts.

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Historic Centre
Via del Circo Massimo, 00186 Roma RM, Italia

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