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Cacio e Pepe Guide

Rome, Italy

Food Guide

You can not say to know Rome without having eaten at least once a "Cheese and Pepper" in one of its many taverns. Leading exponent of traditional Roman cuisine poor, the simple preparation only in appearance and with a few carefully selected ingredients: first of all the pecorino romano D.O.P.


Like every dish has a story that has its roots in an indefinite past and that borders on myth. The origins are those of the Roman Campagna and a large part of central Italy, to the mountains of Abruzzo and Umbria, with shepherds who were away from home for some time and brought with them food that is retained long enough and it was also tasty and nutritious. In this case: dry pasta, pepper and cheese seasoned sheep. Over the centuries the original recipe has undergone several changes, the type of pasta, which ranges from classic spaghetti until tonnarelli and rigatoni, the method of preparation.

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