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Basilica di San Pietro

Place of Worship Rome, Italy

The greatest achievement of late-Renaissance architecture Basilica di San Pietro

The most important basilica of the Christian world, the only monument that manages to bring together in one place the faithful and lovers of art. Dedicated to Peter, the first among the Apostles, the first Pope and head of the Church, was built where the Apostle was killed and then buried.

Bramante started the factory, Bernini designed the staircase, Maderno built the facade, but the real masterpiece of St. Peter's Basilica - at least from the outside - is the dome designed by Michelangelo, of enormous size and great dramatic effect. The result of a construction site lasted almost 200 years is an impressive basilica, majestic and unparalleled beauty. All around the church the grand colonnade, designed by Bernini, encloses the elliptical square, created to accommodate huge crowds of the faithful, in a spectacular and metaphorical hug to all Christendom. Views from the ellipse fires, double columns of the porch create an absolutely amazing game prospective, aligning perfectly up to appear as a single column.

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    +39 06 6982

    Historic Centre
    Piazza San Pietro, 00120 Città del Vaticano, Vatican City

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