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Top 5 Solo Experiences

Philippines, Philippines

Collection of 5 places
An intimate moment with nature Sagada
Solo Experience

Delight your eyes with splendid views, majestic landscapes that are perfect for romantic movies. If you don’t mind walking and climbing, while finding solace at the same time, you’ve come to the right place. There are many things to see in Sagada. You can find the hanging coffins, and mysterious caves among others. If you plan to see these unique spots, be ready to get wet. Also, check out the Echo Valley, wherein you may go rock climbing in the uphill landforms near the valley. But, the fun does not stop in the valleys and caves alone. There are water activities that you can do in Sagada such as white water rafting in the Upper Chico River. When you’re done with your day trip, you can relax at one of the quaint hostels in Sagada, indulge in delicious food, and meet the friendly locals.

An out-of-this-planet terrain Biri Island
Solo Experience

Like a lost planet right here on the earth, Biri Island’s amazing natural rock formations will astound you. The island’s dramatic landscape carved by the fury of Mother Nature are as beautiful as they are surreal. These gigantic limestone rock formations were formed by pounding winds, raging storms and ruthless waves that battered the coast. If there’s one iconic place you need to visit in Northern Samar, Biri Island would be your best bet.

Philippines Paradise for solo travellers Batanes
Solo Experience

Batanes is an archipelago province in the Philippines situated in the Cagayan Valley region. It is the northernmost province in the country, and also the smallest, both in population and land area. Its capital is Basco located on the island of Batan. The entire province is listed in the UNESCO tentative list for inscription in the World Heritage List. The government has been finalizing the site's inscription, establishing museums and conservation programs since 2001. The government aims to push for the site's inclusion between 2018-2019. Seven intangible heritage elements of the Ivatan have been set by the Philippine government in its initial inventory in 2012. The elements are undergoing a process to be included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists between 2018-2025.

The Most Beautiful Island in the World Palawan Island

Palawan is the largest island of the province of Palawan in the Philippines and the fifth largest island in the country. The north-west coast of the island is along the South China Sea, while the south-east coast forms part of the northern limit of the Sulu Sea. Much of the island remains traditional and is considered by some as under-developed. Abundant wildlife, jungle mountains, and some white sandy beaches attract many tourists, as well as International companies looking for development opportunities. As of 2016, the main island of Palawan is rated the "Most Beautiful Island in the World" as voted by respective readers of rival travel publications Conde Nast Traveller and Travel + Leisure. It is the second year running that Palawan has won the Conde Nast Traveller award, as well as the second time in four years that it has occupied Travel + Leisure's top spot (2013). El Nido, located at the northern tip of the island, is also currently rated the "Most Beautiful Beach in the World" by Conde Nast Traveller readers. In 2007, National Geographic Traveler magazine rated Palawan the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia region, having "incredibly beautiful natural seascapes and landscapes. One of the most biodiverse (terrestrial and marine) islands in the Philippines. The island has had a Biosphere Reserve status since the early 1990s, showing local interest for conservation and sustainable development". 1 city and 12 out of the 23 municipalities of the Province of Palawan are on this island. Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm, one of seven operating units of the Bureau of Corrections, is located on the island.

A unique Parorama while Flying like Superman!!! Sabang X Zipline

Sabang X Zipline is 800 metes long and 150 feet above sea level. location is 10-15 mins away from Sabang wharf by walking. you can try it alone or with partner and be amazed to Sabang Ocean & Mountains view arround you while on Zipline.