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Philippines MeetUp Experience

Philippines, Philippines

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Learn To Cook Traditional Filipino Food Boracay Cooking Class
MeetUp Experience

Their mission is to connect travelers with islanders through food. Striving to provide the most authentic experience possible for each course and going where the locals go to buy their food and cooking authentic Filipino dishes throughout your experience. The Instructors are Filipino and Boracay residents that have a passion for both food and people. A perfect place to learn and meet new travelers!

A hole in the ground Cabagnow Cave Pool

Cabagnow Cave Pool is just one of the many cave pools scattered around Bohol, particularly in the southeastern part of the province where Anda is located. This is the deepest cave pool in the area with portions said to be 25 feet deep. Kabagno (or Cabagnow) Cave Pool is a bit challenging because it's practically a hole in the ground, almost impossible to get out without a ladder. The water is fresh and during high tide, and, the same with the rest of the cave pools, saline water mixes with the new. Several townsfolk visit this pool and is quite popular for weekenders as one can just jump from the edges. Cabagnow Cave Pool is a private property. The place is surrounded by a rustic gate, so you really need to find the owner when you arrive here so he can open the gate for you.

Nature Christmas Light Iwahig firefly watching
Firefly watching

Firefly Watching is another exciting experience in Palawan, taking place just before dusk, this tour allows you to get closer to nature and, in particular, the dazzling and flickering insects known as "Fireflies" or "Lighting Bugs." PLEASE NOTE: Absolutely no flash photography, as this will disturb the Fireflies causing them to leave the immediate area. Take this chance to be closer to nature and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful and calm river, with the nearby trees lit up, just like Christmas Trees, by the Fireflies. Fireflies live in abundance amongst the mangroves and trees, which are entirely situated along the banks of the Sicsican and Iwahig Rivers. This location is ideal as it is away from the light pollution experienced in the city.

The best day trip from Boracay Island Ariel's Point

Ariel’s Point is an exciting day trip destination for Boracay visitors and residents. Located 35 to 45 minutes away from Boracay Island by outrigger boat, this eco-adventure paradise provides guests with the opportunity to cliff dive, kayak, and snorkel in an unspoiled tropical setting. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a nature lover, or just looking to make new friends, a trip to Ariel’s Point is a great way to make your Boracay holiday an unforgettable one.

Paddle to your next adventure SUP Tours Philippines

Stand up paddle boarding is fast becoming a popular sport. Relatively new in the Philippines it is one of the very few places who offer an opportunity to learn the activity in the country. Not only is stand up paddle boarding great fun but it’s also great for fitness, really working the core body muscles. The Philippines is a country composed of 7107 islands and is surrounded by bodies of water and beautiful beaches... there’s so much to explore through paddling!!! Promoting paddling as a sport, locals and tourists become more comfortable and not afraid of water.