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Kawasan Canyoneering Matutinao River

Nature Philippines, Philippines

Explore the hidden beauty of Matutinao River Canyons Kawasan Canyoneering Matutinao River

The Kawasan Falls, a three-layered waterfall, is one of the popular tourist destinations in the province. Canyoning tours are offered upstream of the Kawasan Falls, where the Matutinao river flows through a secluded canyon. There is also the Badian mountain range and the popular trekking destination of Osmeña Peak. Badian is an extreme sports enthusiast’s haven. Deep within its lush jungles are deep, wet canyons that were gradually carved by rivers eons ago, canyons that hide dark secrets and wonders. Needless to say, exploring these canyons never fails to tickle the imagination of people who constantly need an adrenaline rush.

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Matutinao, Cebu, Philippines

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