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Quartier Marais

District Paris, France

The ancient beauty Quartier Marais

The Marais is the neighborhood in which is located Place des Vosges. It is on the Right Bank of the Seine and is the most trendy in Paris. The Marais combines the charm of the old world with the features of modern life. The neighborhood beauty has been preserved by its Jewish majority population.

This neighborhood differs from everyone because has mantained his pre-revolutionary structure. Walking on the paved streets made of cobblestones, you will live all its splendor. You will see also its gardens hidden in every corner. You will visit the oldest square in the town as well as the first royal square in Paris: Place des Vosges. On the cultural side, you have to visit the French National Archives, one of the largest archives in the world, Carnavalet Museum and Victor Hugo.

Le Marais
Le Marais, Paris, France

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