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Oysters Guide

Paris, France

Food Guide
A true Cult

France farms more oysters than anywhere else in the world. Most of these are Pacifics, though the native European Flat still shows up in Brittany. France also goes to greater lengths than anywhere else in the world to coddle some of its oysters, which can be finished in special salt ponds where each gets a designated amount of water, or may even have special algae added to turn their gills green (and flavor fruity).

No country in the world can offer a more complete oyster experience than France. Is it because French oysters always taste better than, for instance, American, British, Irish or Canadian oysters? No. The difference is that you're getting a French oyster in France, which means that it is served up along with a boatload of Savoir Vivre, backed by lots of cultivation savoir-faire and national pride, all in a setting of immense cultural wealth. Regardless of how good or bad the service might be, no doubt ever exists in the mind of the French person serving you that you should feel privileged to be served the finest oysters in the world.

Kiss the Ocean

For true oyster lovers, there’s really nothing better than tucking into a dozen on the half-shell at a seaside bistro, where you can look out and see the sparkling waters the shellfish were plucked from just hours before. From North to South there are seven distinct growing regions: Normandy, North-Brittany, South-Brittany, West-Central, Marennes-Oléron, Arcachon, and the Mediterranean. Although some of these areas are far more famous than others, they all produce excellent oysters.