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Moulin Rouge

Theater Paris, France

The most famous red light cabaret Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is the most famous Parisian cabaret and the spiritual birthplace of the modern form of the can-can dance. It is located in the red light district of Pigalle near Montmartre. Originally introduced as a seductive dance by the courtesans who operated from the site, the can-can dance revue evolved into a form of entertainment of its own and led to the introduction of cabarets across Europe. Today, the Moulin Rouge is a tourist attraction, offering musical dance entertainment for visitors from around the world.

You can visit the Molin Rouge to live crazy nights. It is the temple of French Cancan, the female dances of the Doriss Girls and their lavish costumes of feathers, rhinestones and sequins. The dancers will make you fall in love with their splits, sexy movements, and mischievous ballets. Among the most famous artists of the Moulin Rouge there are: Edith Piaf, Yves Montand and Frank Sinatra.

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