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French Wine Giude

Paris, France

Food Guide

France holds the record as the best wine producer Nation; there's still no other country that can be compared concerning quality and variety. An important characteristic that distinguishes its wines from others is the "terroir," the soil; this term is known in enology to denote the kind of terrain and other specifics about the grape quality. In the Bourgogne, Bordeaux, and Champagne area are produced the excellence of the French wines.

Now let's get to know them by area!.


Chateau Lafite Rothschild, is the most famous Bordeaux in the world, so much to have gained the moniker "King's wine". An elegant and delicate wine, almost light; a wine that managed to get into the private collection of Thomas Jefferson.


Gives birth to some of the best French wines; the grape, with its thin peel, keeps a lighter shade, leaning to a ruby red color. Its aroma, elegant and delicious, change according to the maturation.


Moët & Chandon and Dom Pérignon are amongst the best and well-known French Champagne brand. It results in a light golden color, with intense and robust notes, with a vigorous and dynamic structure. Perfect for caviar based food or lobster.

While in Paris, be sure to join in a wine tasting event: it's a unique experience, you will taste delicious wines, a really sparkling experience!!!.