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Bohémienne Paris : Monmartre

Paris, France

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Benedetta Fiore
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Try to imagine Montmartre at the end of the '800, when the hill was covered with colored vines and the wind was continually moving its mills. In this magical atmosphere many artists, now worldwide known, drew inspiration. Since then, the Butte has become the epicenter of the Parisian creative buzz, hosting painters, musicians and poets. With our itinerary, we'll offer a tour of the most magical and charming locations of this historic district.

A Sunny Day

Our itinerary, to be made by foot, will keep you busy until late afternoon, just in time for an aperitif with some Bohémien wine.

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur
Step 1

Montmartre district is a treasure to be discovered, wake up early, check the weather and get ready for an unforgettable day in the passionate Paris. After a good coffee and croissant, take the subway on line 2 and get off at Anvers, from there take Rue de Steinkuerqe until Place Saint Pierre. In front of you, you will enjoy the majestic spectacle of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, located on the top of the hill from where it has overlooked the City for a century. From there you can reach the church by foot, climbing the 300 stairs or by taking the funicular, using a subway tickets or the several tourist tickets.

Up On Paris Rooftop

The Romantic-Byzantine style Basilica, is the result of a "national vote" promoted by the Catholic Church to atone for the sins of the Paris Commune. This structure, finished in 1919 and realized only with private donations, was specifically built in the heart of the banlieue from where the revolutionary protests had started. Once on the top of the Butte, you will find yourself surrounded by the magical atmosphere of this place. The stairway reaching the Basilica is a real urban theatre, you might even have the chance to see some amazing street artists performing incredible shows. Our suggestion, besides a visit to the church and its crypt dedicated to the local saints, is to reach the top of the dome by foot, to earn and thoroughly enjoy the magnificent panorama over Paris.

Once terminated your visit, the next stop is on Rue Cortot, a place where you will breathe the air of the 1900 Montmartre district.

Musée de Montmartre
Step 2

Montmartre banlieue was the beating heart of the artistic movements spreading around Europe between XIX and XX century. In the Maison de Rosimond, an XII century building surrounded by astonishing gardens facing the ancient vines upon the hill was built the Musèe de Montmartre. On the inside, you will find a unique collection of paintings, photographs and manifests that will bring you back to the "Belle Epoque" and its artistic atmosphere.

Renoir Garden

Close to the museum, here's the garden that so much inspired Renoir for his paintings. In this evocative green area as well, you will benefit from a fantastic view of the City.

For lunchtime we'll head towards one of the most popular squares in the district to have something to eat; walk south the close Rue du Mont-Cenis and reach the super lovely Place du Tertre.

Place du Tertre
Step 3

The tiny and unique Place de Tertre, in the heart of Montmartre, is worldwide known in the world for its artists, its sketch artist and restaurants. A magical corner that still holds the atmosphere of the late century; the air is joyful and sparkling. In there it won't be hard for you to find a souvenir to bring back home, or even better, if you take your time, your portrait. A few steps away from this lovely square, you will notice Saint-Pierre de Montmartre, one of the oldest churches of the whole city, built according to a Romanic XII century style. Within the walls of this intimate and cozy holy place, the Parisian worship Montmartre matron: Notre Dame de Beauté.

A French Lunch

We recommend, to catch your breath and chill out a bit, the La Boite aux Lettres on Rue Lepic; this typical Parisian style bistro offers traditional French dishes at fair prices...don't lose the chance to taste some Escargot or the delicious Foie Gras.

Once recharged, following the itinerary on our map, head towards the next stop of our tour passing close to a really unmissable gallery: l'Espace Dalì.

Mur Des "Je T' Aime"
Step 4
Espace Dalì

We warmly suggest visiting this exhibition: almost 6500 square ft wholly dedicated to the Surrealism Master Salvador Dalì, with a particular focus on its sculpture and rare graphics. More than 300 masterpieces displayed, among which the "Space Elephant," the famous Dali's clocks and the Mae West sofa.

A romantic place

Walking towards Place des Abbesses, just beside the homonymous art nouveau subway stop, you will see the last charming place of our Montmartre tour. The "I love you" wall is a huge original work of art designed by the artist Frédéric Baron; this romantic masterpiece is composed of 612 blue tiles and, in each one is written the "I love you" word, to leave a message of Peace&Love.


If you have some energy left, follow Rue Houdon, you can roam free in the curious Pigalle area, where the Moulin Rouge is located.

Thanks for your attention, it has been a pleasure to guide you on this magical tour, hope you enjoyed, we did ;) !!! See you on the next itinerary; Enjoy your night!!!

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Bohémienne Paris : Monmartre
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